Helping families create lasting wealth without the negative side effects.


Offers you the opportunity to feel more confident about your future, peace of mind about your family’s future, and access concepts, tools, and information used by the super-rich to provide a financial advantage for the next 100 years. Complete the application to apply for membership today.

Membership Benefits:

  • Take the Wealth Risk Assessment to discover the specific conditions that threaten your family’s future.
  • Schedule your Initial Strategy Session to discuss your desired outcome and create your customized strategic plan.
  • Reserve time on your calendar to participate in 2021-2022 monthly educational labs (September through May).
  • Receive the monthly activity guide for practical application of Legacy Planning tools.

Wealth Risk Assessment:

The Wealth Risk Assessment only takes a few minutes to complete. Once you know the risks, we can help you craft a plan to prevent loss before it happens.

Initial Strategy Session:

During this 90-minute Strategy Session, we will review your personal risks, identify your desired outcome and create a custom plan to implement. By the end of the session you will have a prioritized plan of action to protect your family’s future.

2021-2022 Education Labs (September – May)
1st Tuesday @ 3:00 PM Central Time Zone

Labs are scheduled on the first Tuesday of the month from September, 2021 through May 2022, from 3:00 to 4:30 PM CST. Below are the dates and topics for this year’s educational labs.

  • September 7th: Leadership-The mindset and fundamentals of multi-generational family leadership
  • October 5th: Preparation-Minimize the impact from life events with a personal emergency plan
  • November 2nd: Purpose-Create a culture of we over me by defining a purpose for wealth
  • December7th: Vision-Families with a bigger vision of the future stay together.
  • January 4th: Conflict-Conflict is inevitable, but when you are prepared, you can protect your family
  • February 1st: Train for Success-Provide them with the skills and confidence to “handle anything.”
  • March 1st: Scalable Wealth-Growing wealth to keep up with increasing size of family
  • April 5th: Structure-Creating a network of advisors and guidelines to support the family
  • May 3rd: Legacy Plan-Multigenerational system to govern relationships and use of wealth

Receive the Monthly Activity Guide:

Legacy Planning is a process. When done well, it can be an enjoyable, entertaining and enriching experience for the entire family. NTFEC members receive the Legacy Builder Blueprint, a monthly activity guide filled with bite-size nuggets of new information, resource recommendations, and practical activities that are fun to do with your family.

Membership Application

Complete the application to apply for NTFEC Membership today.