Family Capital: Creating Financial Wealth Through Family Harmony

Cindy Arledge helps wealthy families stay wealthy by creating systems and structure to prepare the next generation to make decisions, resolve conflict and maintain family harmony. Family Capital is the increase of wealth created by your family’s ability to maintain and grow shared assets.

How to Change the Conversation From Money to Family

Joan Sharp of River Family Advisors. Not ‘just’ an advisor, she’s a thought leader in the area of changing your money mindset. Joan encourages us to change the difficult conversations we have that are all about money to a pleasant conversation about a shared vision and you will better support your values, life experiences, legacy, and wealth. 

Your Story Deserves To Be Told: Saving Life Lessons For Future Generations

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning family legacy filmmaker with a passion for helping families stay together generationally. This is best done when everyone are united around a shared sense of purpose, when they clarify and buy in on the family identity, and when they establish clear communication, foundations of trust, and provide inter generational mentoring. Film is the most powerful tool of persuasion to help accomplish these goals. To see what film + video tools can do for your family, visit or

Protecting Your Legacy from the Threat of Emotional Storms

Dana Garnett helps family businesses avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary conflict and survive the effects of emotional storms brought on by human nature by getting to the heart of the deepest issues fast and with lasting change – real resolution that can repair and restore your relationships, and protect your legacy for generations to come. In this program, Dana will show you how to assess your family’s business risk level, how to most effectively resolve conflict that is out of control and how to avoid unnecessary conflict from the start and effectively manage conflict ongoing with ease.

The Biggest Challenges Family Members Face as Trustee

Kevin Quinn is a professional trustee with over 20 years of experience.  As an independent trustee, Kevin offers a collaborative approach to estate planning and personalized attention to meet his client’s needs.  Kevin is the co-founder and president of the Independent Trustee Alliance (ITA), a membership organization of trustees and fiduciary professionals dedicated to growing and supporting the profession.  For more information, contact Kevin Quinn at 214-578-2662 or go to

Death Etiquette®:  Making Things Easier For Those You Love

Jon Braddock is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and the founder and CEO of My Life and Wishes.  His mission is to help at least one million families become “thoughtfully prepared” for the inevitable, their own death.  My Life and Wishes is a secure, subscription-based planning and storage platform. It guides people, step by step, to store and secure the most important details and critical documents of their lives.  Making them accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, at the touch of a button.  End-of-Life planning is critical, yet most people put it off and rarely discuss it with their family.

Family Forever Trust: Structure for Creating Your Lasting Legacy

Billy R. Jones, J. D., received his J. D. from Baylor University in 1977 and brings compassion, humor and over 40 years of experience in Estate Planning an Probate Law to families who desire to beat the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves cycle of wealth creation, transfer and loss. His expertise is building multi-generational legal structures based on a strong foundation of family values and guiding principles.