If you agree with Warren Buffett’s concept about family and wealth you are in the right place.

“I want to give my kids enough so they could feel like they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.”
– Warren Buffett

We work with family leaders who:

  • Are secretly concerned about maintaining quality of life, making it through retirement, or losing it all.
  • Worry how a sudden influx of wealth will impact the next generation’s ambition and character.
  • Crave peace of mind that your family members won’t blow their inheritance.
  • Want to feel like a family again.
  • Wonder how children remain so na├»ve and concerned about their future.
  • Own a family business.
  • Desire to be conscious and wealthy and positively impact the world with their wealth.
  • Are building an empire but not ready to give up control yet.
  • Would like to transfer their parent’s legacy to the next generation.
  • See the value of having a system to transfer character, life lessons, and family history.

You can enjoy quality of life throughout life and provide a financial advantage without destroying their ambition and drive, but there is something you need to know. Only a few families are successful. The shocking truth is:

70% of families lose their wealth during the first transfer.

91% of families lose their wealth by the third generation.

Legacy Planning is a little known tool, that until now, has been reserved for UHNW families. Legacy Planning is a plan you add with your family while you are alive that addresses conditions that bleed money and create relationship problems BEFORE its too late.

Successful families have a secret!

They assemble a team of advisors that includes:

  • Wealth advisor to create wealth.
  • CPA to create a tax plan.
  • Attorney to create a legal plan.
  • Legacy Planner to create a family legacy plan.

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy Planning is a little known tool, that until now, has been reserved for UHNW families. Legacy planning is the plan you add with your family, while you are alive, that addresses the conditions that lead to the unnecessary distribution of lives and loss of wealth.

Few families are aware this service exists, and even fewer have access to the solution.

Welcome to the North Texas Family Enterprise Center (NTFEC)

NTFEC is a membership organization for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-like families to access Legacy Planning tools, information and services. Enjoy life to the fullest now, and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family has the skills, structure and systems to thrive for the next 100 years.

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